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"Atlan is the first company that has brought a truly collaborative approach like Figma did to design teams, or GitHub did for engineering teams to the modern data stack."

Teddie Wardi

Managing Director,
Insight Partners

With some dream angels ❤️ joining in

Here's what they have to say 👇

Here's what they have to say 👇

"Atlan is the missing link in the modern data stack: context. By combining data cataloging, QA, and lineage, it equips data teams with the tools of the trade needed to build, ship, and maintain outputs like true engineers."

Bob Moore

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder Stitch, RJMetrics, CrossBeam

"Atlan’s unique, collaboration-first approach for the modern data stack helps to break down organizational silos and empower cross-functional teams to work together to make better business decisions"

Bob Muglia

Board Member, Fivetran
Former CEO, Snowflake

"The collaboration layer that Atlan is building is on another level entirely. I'm incredibly excited both about their long term vision and as well as the impressive early traction."

Jake Stein

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder Stitch, RJMetrics

"Atlan is building the Superhuman / Linear for Data Governance: helping organizations achieve a truly collaborative data culture"

Auren Hoffman

CEO SafeGraph
Former CEO, LiveRamp

Helping modern data teams
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This collaboration chaos is the reason we started building Atlan. Data can be chaos, Work doesn't need to be.


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"We have officially entered an era where every company is a data company. Atlan has an amazing opportunity in front of them to establish themselves as the modern data workspace application of record. With their leadership and team, I believe they are the ones to do it."

Max Altuscher

VP Marketing, Outreach
Founder, GTMfund, SalesHacker

"Translating vast amounts of data into useful, actionable insights requires cross functional collaboration, which is extremely hard to do in today's very siloed setup. This is where Atlan comes in — it breaks down the boundaries to empower cross functional teams to do their best work with data."

Akshay Kothari

COO, Notion
Founder, Pulse

"To unlock the value of their data, data must be organized and delivered to enterprise consumers fast, securely, and reliably. This, in turn, requires that data and analytics teams adopt a DataOps platform that enables rapid and consistent data availability and collaboration. Atlan is that platform."

Dan Wright

CEO, DataRobot
FMR COO, AppDynamics

"The most exciting aspect of the company is the team’s sense of mission."

Jake Stein

Serial Entrepreneur

Founder Stitch, RJMetrics

"The Atlan team has been thinking about this problem for over a decade now. They know the nuances of solving this problem."

Akshay Kothari

COO, Notion

Founder, Pulse

It’s still Day Zero.

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Every line of code we write, every feature we add, every pixel we create, everything we do is to help data teams get one step closer to building a winning data culture… and hopefully power human progress and advancement. Let’s do this, together.

Proudly Built in

Proudly Built

We're a diverse, globally distributed, fully remote team and hiring across teams! Come join our tribe.

We're a diverse, globally distributed, fully remote team and hiring across teams! Come join our tribe.