Simplify Governance with Snowflake + Atlan

Atlan is the first data catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner

“If we have new engineers coming in, this makes it easy for them to be able to understand our environment and to do searches in there. That's a wonderful plus.”

Robert Chang

Head of Data & Analytics

Classifications & Automation

Security at its simplest

Stay on top of security with programmable bots & customizable controls that take care of all your sensitive data on Snowflake.

Custom classifications

Tag sensitive assets with classifications like PII, Confidential, or Public.

Programmable PII bots

Run bots to auto-identify sensitive PII, HIPAA, and GDPR data.

Automated propagation

Propagate custom classifications downstream and upstream.

Masking & hashing policies

Secure your data with custom masking for all kinds of sensitive data.

Compliance-Based Access Policies

A scalable way to secure your
data on Snowflake

Attach policies to custom classifications, like PII and GDPR

Whenever an asset is tagged as PII, your access policies are automatically applied. No more nights spent worrying if your data is in the wrong hands.

Create and scale granular metadata and data policies

Depending on the classification, select who can view and edit metadata, and who should be able to query and preview sensitive data.

Domain-Based Access Policies

Personalized to your projects and processes

With Purposes, you can define policies and curate your Snowflake assets by business domains and project context. Reduce your time-to-value by providing the right data, in the right context.

Curate and serve your marketing data

Create a Purpose for “Market Segmentation” that will curate your Segment, Google Analytics, and Hubspot data, and automatically allow access to your Marketing team on Atlan.

Organize and maintain your Public Financial KPIs

Create a Purpose for “Public Financial Reporting” that will curate all your publicly reported assets, and automatically allow access to your Finance team on Atlan.

Protect and mask your PII data

Create a Purpose for “PII Classification” that will protect your sensitive information and grant access to only those who need it.

Persona-Based Access Policies

Manage granular policies with
personalized user roles

Analyst, engineer, or consultant – every persona needs access to different assets and different permissions. In Atlan, you can set up Personas that mirror the roles in your data team, and automatically apply personalized, granular policies.

Metadata policy

Control who can read and edit metadata about your Snowflake assets.

Data policy

Define who can view and query your Snowflake data, with masking policies.

Glossary policy

Manage who can edit data definitions, metric formulas, and business taxonomies.

A modern data catalog for

Modern Data Teams

“We chose Atlan because it integrates with our modern analytics stack such as Snowflake and Tableau... It was very easy to set up — we had all our data sources flowing in within the first day!”

Danielle Boeglin,

VP of Data & Analytics



“Atlan is our way of solving problems without having to ask three of your teammates a navigation question, a data lineage question, or an ownership question.”

Holly Hallman,

Director of Enterprise Analytics



“The clearest outcome [After Atlan] is that everyone is finally talking about the same numbers, which is helping us rebuild trust in our data. If someone says that our growth is 5%, it’s 5%.”

Prudhvi Vasa,

Analytics Leader



Atlan + Snowflake
are better together

“Atlan's open API-based approach, pay as you go model & delightful user experience aligns well with Snowflake’s own ethos, and what customers are demanding from their tools."

Tarik Dwiek

Tarik Dwiek

Head of Global Technology Partnerships, Snowflake


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