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How a 15-member data team created a self-service platform for 1,500 data users

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WeWork’s journey towards trust, transparency, and governance with Atlan, Snowflake, and dbt

In the last three years, the WeWork data team has been through a lot. In this session we’ll deep dive into their journey and reflect on the WeWork data platform team's work in rolling out internal platforms and frameworks, including the building of Marquez (their famous open-source project for lineage), and implementing a new, resilient data stack.

  • Adopting a modern data stack with Snowflake, dbt, and Atlan
  • Digging deep into user pains through a data product thinking mindset
  • Finding the right metadata platform through an in-depth evaluation process
  • Implementing with an Agile-based approach, including column-level lineage
  • Building a data community through programs like WeWork University
  • Structuring the team behind it all and building a DataOps function
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Where it started 18 months ago
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Building a self-serve ecosystem, together.

“Atlan is giving us the leverage to serve data to the entire company while keeping a lean data team. We’re building together to shape the future of data platforms at large.”

Harel Shein

Head of Data Engineering

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Excerpt from a live interview at Snowflake Summit 2022. Watch the full video.
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July 21


12:30pm EDT



1,500 data users. 15-person data team. Don't miss WeWork’s no-BS, inside story of building trust in data with Atlan.

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