Your Guide to the Future of Modern Data Stack in 2022


Cannot decide between hype vs reality around the modern data stack?

Read about the ideas that exploded in the data world last year and what the future holds for the modern data stack in 2022.



Discover the six trends you should know about the modern data stack going into 2022

Data Mesh
HIt was everywhere in 2021! But what exactly is data mesh?
Metrics Layer
Will we see metrics become first-class citizen in more transformation tools in 2022?
Reverse ETL
Are we close to finally solving the “last mile” problem in the modern data stack?
Active Metadata & Third-Gen Data Catalogs
How to structure a central DataOps function and its two key personas
Active Metadata for DataOps
Why activating metadata holds the key to the DataOps dream
Active Metadata Platforms
The three characteristics that define an active metadata platform

Meet the Modern Data Workspace for your data mesh implementation.

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Real Love from the Modern Data Community

You're right! Prukalpa so many things happened in 2021! I can barely cope with all that! I'm excited about all things to come in 2022, especially data governance and data observability.


David Regalado

Co-Founder at Data Eng LATAM

Fantastic read! I really believe that distributed data ownership is enevitable, and have been a believer in the core idea behind a data mesh for years.


Abhishek Ratna

Al/ML Marketeer at Google

Thanks to Prukalpa Sankar for sharing her thoughts on the future of Modern Data Stack. A terrific seminal survey.


Vas Bhadarkar

CEO of ScoreData Corporation

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