The first, end-to-end view of the Modern Data Stack

Atlan integrates with Fivetran to create column-level lineage from source to BI, so your data team can collaborate on a single, unified view of your Modern Data Stack.

Connecting your data stack,
connecting your data team

The Atlan + Fivetran integration brings engineers, analysts, scientists, and BI consumers onto one platform. So your entire team can collaborate with context from every tool in your stack.

End-to-end, column-level lineage from source to BI
Collaboration between developers and analysts
Quick, easy, and clear root-cause analysis
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“Fivetran and Atlan are helping data teams get much needed visibility on where data came from, who accessed it, and what changes occurred.”

Fraser Harris

VP of Product

Data Engineers

Engineers and developers, meet your business.

Find root causes for broken dashboards faster

With column-level lineage, you can see exactly which Salesforce or Postgres column feeds into the broken dashboard you’re investigating.

Collaborate with the people depending on you

Inform data analysts of pipelines issues affecting their dashboards via Slack messages right from Atlan or inbuilt announcements.

Data Analysts & Business Users

Analysts, meet engineering.

No more team-wide Slack messages asking “Who owns the pipeline running this dashboard? These numbers look off.”

On Atlan, you’ll find exactly who owns the Fivetran pipelines that feed into your dashboard. So you can reach out to the right person, without wasting any time.

DIY Setup

Get started in 3 steps, without any code

Authenticate your connection

Connect to your tools with Basic or OAuth credentials, and test your authentication before running to pre-empt any failures.

Tell Atlan what data to scan

Bring in or leave out metadata at a database, schema, or table level.

Schedule and run

Set your crawler up to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata