The Ultimate Guide to Data Mesh

Check out this go-to guide with lessons from data leaders on scoping, planning, and building a data mesh. Download now to get an invite for an all-new native data mesh experience on Atlan.



Learn everything you need to know about scoping, planning, and building a data mesh

What is data mesh?

Understand data mesh beyond an abstract concept, the four key pillars of data mesh, and the potential of data mesh

Challenges solved by data mesh

Self-service, data discovery, and data quality and usability – in this chapter learn how data mesh solves these key challenges

Readiness check and maturity audit

Learn about the question you can pose to determine if data mesh is the right path for your organization

Preparing for data mesh implementation

Learn more about how you need to prepare your team, tech, and systems for implementing data mesh

Getting buy-in and getting started

In this chapter, learn how you can bring emphasis on business value during your engagements with stakeholders to get buy-in.

Data mesh outcomes and steps

Learn how real teams at companies like BairesDev, Delhivery, and Flexport, saw the impact of data mesh
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