Data Can Be Chaos. Work Shouldn’t Be.

How Active Metadata helps modern data organizations embrace the DataOps way


Today's data management doesn't work.

75% of executives don’t trust their own data, and only 27% of data projects are actually successful. DataOps and Active Metadata are all the rage because they help data teams stop wasting time and money. This report breaks down where they came from, where they’re going, and how you can start using them.



Here’s what this report covers

The Rise of DataOps

How did it go from unknown to the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle?

What is DataOps?

What it actually means and the four foundational ideas behind it

The Culture Code

A set of DataOps principles to help data teams work together better

Operationalizing DataOps

How to structure a central DataOps function and its two key personas

Active Metadata for DataOps

Why activating metadata holds the key to the DataOps dream

Active Metadata Platforms

The three characteristics that define an active metadata platform

Meet the modern third-generation data catalog

Atlan is more than a modern data catalog. It’s the leading active metadata platform, named a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Catalogs for DataOps

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