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Atlan Grid data API

Alternative data from 600+ sources & partners.

Easy-to-use, robust and flexible, our data API lets you discover more about your customers from their home or work location:

Alternative data from 600+ sources & partners.

Easy-to-use, robus and flexible, our data API lets you discover more about your customers from their home or work location:

Affluence & Income

Age-Gender & Demographics

Demographic Profiles

Movement Patterns

Lifestyle Profiles

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Bring the power of alternative data to your business alternative data– for your business

Explore data for the entire city of Bengaluru, India under the trial version of our API.

Uncover granular, 360° insights about your customers with our data enrichment APIs

01 Customer Enrichment API

Use this API to enrich your customer’s home or work location (lat-long) with variables that help explain their behavior and preferences, including their affluence and economic profile, the demography and lifestyle of the world around them, and the movement patterns of people in their immediate vicinity.

Indicators available:

Affluence score

Economic growth score

Residential population

Age & gender profile

Family profile

Traffic trends

Ambient population

Road length

Count of ATMs nearby

Count of gyms nearby

Distance to nearest cinema

and more

Atlan Grid Customer Enrichment API

02 Geo-Enrichment API

Use this API to learn about the geographic parameters associated with any lat-long. Segregate urban and rural customers or identify the pincodes, districts, Census 2011 towns or villages associated with your location.

03 Unbundled Data API

Our unbundled APIs give you the flexibility to choose the data you need and discover what moves your business. Pick, choose and discover insights from over 25 data sets.

A billion pixels of satellite imagery ago...

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the journey of our data team as they set out to conquer the messy world of alternative data. Here's why (and how) we decided to build this data API.

Location <> Atlan Grid API <> Insights

Location <> API <> Insights

Use our data API to enrich your customer data and drive use cases across functions & industries.

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What is the Atlan Grid data API?


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Here's why we are the trusted data partner for leading enterprises

01 Data from 600+ partners and sources

Raw data is hard to understand, hard to analyze, and even harder to use in your daily work. In a world where a single source of information doesn’t capture the entire picture, our data sets are built on over 600+ sources of information ranging from satellite imagery, statistical sources, to geospatial data and more.

02 Cleaned, structured and ready-for-analysis

To make all our data sets talk to one another and ensure that no bad quality indicators flow into our models and computations, each data set goes through a series of data cleaning steps such data imputations, scale regularization, entity enrichment and geography standardization through ETL pipelines.

03 Data evaluation to acquisition – in minutes.

We’ve connected to leading data providers in the world and evaluated them – so you don’t have to. In one click, access all data providers that have the data you need along with information on the data quality, coverage, legal contracts, data sharing terms, samples — all verified by Atlan!

We dig deep into the data trenches for you

Our award-winning platform links together thousands of disparate, messy data sets from more than 600 diverse sources, to reveal startling, granular insights into your world.

What you get is all signal, no noise.

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