Explore LinkedIn DataHub: Demo, Documentation, Metadata Use Cases and more

September 7th, 2021

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What is LinkedIn Datahub?

DataHub is an open source metadata hub that was built at LinkedIn to solve challenges of data discovery, data observability, and federated governance.

A high-level view of LinkedIn Datahub architecture gives us two main components:

  • A framework of building the mesh of metadata services, which is called DataHub GMA
  • An application to enable end-user productivity and governance use-cases that are resolved by this mesh of metadata services called DataHub App

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LinkedIn DataHub Demo

Here's a hosted demo environment that should give you a fair sense of the LinkedIn DataHub platform:

Check out DataHub Demo

For a quick understanding of what LinkedIn DataHub is, the kind of use cases it powers and how to use it, check this video and others in the DataHub youtube channel.

LinkedIn DataHub Toolkit

While playing around in the hosted demo environment, you may also want to employ the following to hone your understanding of this open source data catalog:

Considering building your data catalog on top of LinkedIn DataHub? Taking demos from select open source data catalog tools or data catalog vendors is actually a crucial step in the evaluation journey of finding the right data catalog for your organization. Download this ultimate guide with all the 5 steps to the evaluation process.

Also, read our compilation of the most popular open source data catalog tools to consider in 2021 to get a snapshot of your options.

"It would take six or seven people up to two years to build what Atlan gave us out of the box. We needed a solution on day zero, not in a year or two."

Akash Deep Verma
Akash Deep Verma

Director of Data Engineering

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Build vs Buy: Delhivery’s Learnings from Implementing a Data Catalog

Build vs Buy: Delhivery’s Learnings from Implementing a Data Catalog